Frequently Asked Questions

Are your GL policies written on claims made or occurrence forms?

The policies we issue are written on a manuscript occurrence form.

Do you offer admitted coverage as well as non-admitted?

Yes. And all of the carriers we deal with are A-rated by A.M. Best.

On the GL program, do you offer a credit for insured subcontractor costs?

Yes. The credit given for insured subcontractor costs is unlimited but cannot exceed 50% of the total gross receipts.

When will a resume be required to quote?

All New Ventures with Less than a year in business will require a resume.

What if I need to revise the quote after it has been approved?

Contact your underwriter to unlock the submission.

I don't see a class code for the applicant's work performed.

Contact your underwriter and they will be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate class code.

Why is it necessary to perform a telephonic inspection directly with the insured?

To ensure our records are correct and protect the integrity of their policy. It is also a requirement of the carriers we represent.

Why is it necessary to perform an audit upon the expiration of a policy?

It is required by the carrier and it is to ensure that the proper amount of premium has been collected commiserate with the exposure.

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