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At Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage Inc., we aim to give our customers the best possible choice for their business insurance. 


We value the people that have put their trust in us, and we search for the best insurance deals on the market. We promise the best of service, representation, and pricing.

As an independent commercial insurance broker, we are not limited to one direct insurer or underwriter. We have a panel of USA insurance partners that allow our specialists to search the business insurance market, to identify insurance to suit businesses individual requirements.

Through a combination of some of the most well-known insurers and some more specialist niche insurers, we can compare business insurance quotes, aiming to help our customers by tailoring their policy to exactly what they need.

We constantly review our insurance panel to ensure we are offering the widest choice of terms possible, and also check our rates across the market to stay competitive. Our specialist consultants are able to search multiple insurers at the same time and can usually arrange cover over the phone immediately and provide documentation the same day. 

Our Products

General Liability

 Insurance coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operation. 

Workers' Compensation

 Provide wage replacement and medical benefits to your employees injured in the course of employment in exchange of mandatory relinquishment of the employees' right to sue their employer for the Tort of Negligence. 

Inland Marine

 Ensure that your property is protected not only at your location but also while it is on the road, in temporary storage, or otherwise, off-site. 

Excess \ Umbrella

 If you are legally liable for an incident and your underlying policy limits is insufficient to cover the costs, with a few extra hundred dollars a year, you can get extra coverage you need with an Excess Liability Insurance Policy. 


 Guarantee that the person who posts the bond will comply with all applicable laws pertaining to their activities, sometimes required in connection with issuance of licenses by government agencies. Can be used to manage risk and protect against damage or loss in commercial transactions. 


  Protects a trucking company from legal liability, provides insurance on the freight or commodities on transit. It covers your liability for cargo that is damaged or lost due to causes such as fire,collision, or striking of a load.  

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