There’s nothing more rewarding than starting a carpet cleaning business. It allows you to access the latest cleaning technologies and techniques to provide high-quality services. Putting up this kind of business also lets you create a positive impact in your community by helping other properties stay clean and healthy.

However, the work continues even after officially opening your doors to the public. You must also find the right carpet cleaning insurance policy suitable for your company’s needs. A specialty insurer will provide the proper coverage to protect your business from risks and help you deliver the best services to your clients. 

This article will enumerate the three standard carpet cleaning insurance policies you should consider. We’ll also list some of the claims you can encounter.

1. General Liability Insurance

This type of carpet cleaning insurance policy protects businesses from claims resulting from financial losses, property damage, and injuries. It covers any legal and medical costs arising from these damages or losses. 

This insurance coverage is essential for any company, especially those in the janitorial industry because it provides financial protection from potential lawsuits that could arise from accidents. 

General liability coverage protects your carpet cleaning and upholstery business from allegations such as property damage, accidents, illness, injury, slander, and libel.

Examples of General Liability Claims

To understand this insurance policy better, let’s enumerate some general liability claims that can arise when running a carpet cleaning business. These claims can occur when a homeowner accuses one of your workers of breaking an expensive antique, someone diminishes a customer’s reputation, and when a customer has an accident in your place of business. 

Your carpet cleaning business can also face these accusations when a company claims that the cleaning solutions you’ve used made the workers and customers ill. 

2. Commercial Auto Insurance

This insurance policy covers accidents involving vehicles your company uses for work-related purposes. It covers unfortunate events while driving cars to and from the job sites, which the private auto insurance policy doesn’t cover. Many states require businesses to acquire this insurance policy for all the vehicles they use for business purposes. 

Commercial auto insurance will pay for collision damages, medical bills of the injured party, rental reimbursement, and towing expenses for company vehicles. It will also cover the liability claims when someone accuses you or your worker of causing an accident.

Examples of Commercial Auto Claims

Whether you’re a starting or experienced company, you must familiarize yourself with the different commercial auto claims that may arise so you can defend yourself and continue to provide high-quality services. 

These accusations can occur when your worker accidentally crashes the company trailer into the customer’s vehicle while unloading the carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment. You’ll also face these claims when one of your employees is driving intoxicated while using the company vehicle and hurting several people in the incident. 

Moreover, these claims can come to light when your tire suddenly bursts, making you lose control of the truck and crash into another vehicle, injuring the other party.

3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This insurance policy provides financial protection for employees when they get hurt or sick at work and protects your business from any potential legal issues. 

Your workers’ compensation insurance will cover medical expenses, income loss, death benefits, and retraining or rehabilitation costs associated with job injuries or illnesses.  

Examples of Workers’ Compensation Claims

You can avoid paying for costly work-related injury or disease claims out of pocket by acquiring enough workers’ compensation coverage. These claims include slipping down the stairs while using a water extractor, an asthma relapse after using a new chemical, a burn from a steam vac, and tripping over an electrical cord.

Running a Successful Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies must acquire adequate carpet cleaning insurance coverage from a reputable insurer to provide the best services and protect themselves from potential risks. 

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