Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors (HVAC) are in high demand in many cities across the United States. When homeowners and business owners require heater repairs in the dead of winter or air conditioner repairs in the middle of a heat wave, your HVAC company should be able to come to their aid.

This type of service entails numerous responsibilities. If you invest in the right insurance, you can protect your organization from various hazards.

Contractors that operate with HVAC systems are required to carry different types of insurance. Read on to learn them today.

HVAC Company Insurance: The General Types

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance

This protects against damage to individuals and property caused by HVAC maintenance.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

The majority of states require HVAC firms to have this certification. If an employee is injured at work, it compensates for their medical expenditures as well as their compensation.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Maintains the safety of your organization’s vehicles while they are being serviced. Furthermore, there is a lower danger of burglary, vandalism, and accidents.

Understanding Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

In addition to insurance customized specifically to HVAC systems, the great majority of company owners require this protection.

A fundamental BOP includes the following items:

  • Business property insurance: This is for the replacement of damaged property and equipment is covered.
  • Business interruption coverage: This helps business owners who are forced to close due to a covered disaster in order to make repairs.
  • General liability insurance: This is for the vast majority of businesses. Beyond this protection, the majority of HVAC contractors are required to obtain supplemental coverage.

This is required for all business owners, although it is not the only type of insurance required.

HVAC Company Insurance: The Specific Types

  • Surety Bonds

A lot of states require HVAC workers to get a surety bond. The collaboration improves both the performance of your business and the delight of your customers.

  • Business Property And Equipment 

HVAC system contractors require specialized tools and equipment. This insurance policy protects your company’s property and allows you to replace it in the event that it is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

  • Professional Liability Insurance

If you or a contractor you hire makes a mistake, it may have a severe influence on your business as well as your reputation. Following an incident, professional liability insurance will allow you to recover financially and move on with your life by covering any legal expenditures, attorney fees, and judgments imposed against you.

  • Umbrella Liability Insurance

There will be instances when your bills will exceed the limits of your professional or commercial liability insurance. If something like this happens, umbrella liability insurance will protect you beyond the scope of your standard policy.


As we’ve mentioned, running an HVAC company entails responsibilities that shouldn’t be overlooked. This means that getting the right insurance for your HVAC system isn’t enough. Beyond hiring skilled and experienced staff, ensure you have adequate personal protection. With the help of an esteemed insurance company, your HVAC company should have no problems having a complete set of required insurance coverage.

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