When a business needs to extend their insurance protection, umbrella insurance is an affordable solution. Maybe you’re working on a new project and the contact requires you to carry a higher general liability limit. Or perhaps you want to ensure that you’re covered against the possibility of a high-dollar incident or claim. Either way, umbrella insurance is an easy solution to help you get the most out of your insurance protection.

Umbrella insurance can increase the coverage limits across multiple insurance policies for one affordable premium. Whether you need extra coverage or just want to be prepared against the possibility of a claim exceeding the underlying policy limit, umbrella insurance has you covered.

Umbrella insurance can extend the protection of your existing coverage, fortifying your protection against:

  • General liability claims
  • Commercial auto claims
  • Employer’s liability (workers’ compensation) claims

If a claim exceeds your underlying policy limit, you will have to pay the difference yourself. Could your business weather a $1M difference between a costly claim and your existing policy limit? With umbrella coverage, you don’t have to worry about a big incident depleting your business assets.

Umbrella insurance is sold in $1 million dollar increments, so you can extend the limits of your existing policies to a comfortable amount of coverage. The policy premiums for umbrella insurance are surprisingly affordable. Don’t leave the security of your business to chance; extend your insurance coverage and fortify your defence with umbrella insurance.

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