Artisan contractors should not be vulnerable to a myriad of business mistakes and unfortunate events. Thankfully, with insurance, you can protect your company from almost all types of harm.

Read on to discover what artisan contractor insurance policies cover and why you need them.

All the Kinds of Insurance Protection Artisans Must Have Today

Carpentry, painting, embellishing, tiling, maintenance, plumbing, and electrical services are among the potential specialties. You could go further. Whatever your business, these insurance are essential today:

  • Cyber insurance
  • Equipment insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance (if you employ anyone)

Artisans Contractors and General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a requirement for all businesses. This type of protection is meant to protect you from injuries in the workplace (staff and customers), property damage, and personal injury. Such a type of insurance covers hospital bills and other expenses related to injuries and property damage.

Artisans Contractors and Equipment Insurance

As you run your business, you know that your equipment is priceless. Without them, work is slow and extra challenging. Could you, perhaps, replenish them right away if they were stolen or lost? This is where equipment insurance comes in.

Theft, loss, and damage to tools are covered by equipment insurance, such as BPP (business personal property) insurance. This covers all physical assets and equipment owned by your company, like your work phone, laptop, office desk, indoor plants, and more. 

The BPP is often best in conjunction with your general liability insurance. With these two together, you won’t lose money if you lose your equipment.

Artisans Contractors and Professional Liability Insurance

General liability insurance does not cover claims for shoddy labor. Professional liability insurance will handle this.

In bad cases, clients may file a lawsuit against you if you charge them for a subpar job, even without evidence. Even worse, these lawsuits are financially straining as you will require legal counsel in court. Legal expenses, court charges, and compensation will be assessed if you lose.

These cases take a lot of effort and money. Fortunately, professional liability insurance will handle this. You will be provided with legal representation, court expenses, and compensation if required. 

Artisan Contractors and Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Most jurisdictions require all employees to have workers’ compensation insurance. The penalties are severe, so check your state’s regulations.

It’s a wise strategy to follow for all kinds of business owners today. After all, workplace accidents happen all the time, even when they are least expected.

The medical bills and lost wages of injured personnel are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. In the event of a lawsuit, your legal expenses may also be covered by the settlement.

Artisan Contractor and Cyber Insurance

In this day and age of sophisticated hackers, it is critical to be secure at all times. Cyber insurance is necessary for websites, email, and internet financial transactions. Your company and others with limited cyber security tools are prime targets, especially for online fraud.

Technical help for breaches is available round-the-clock with cyber insurance. Through this, any sum can be recovered, allowing your business to operate as usual. At the same time, you and your staff should get attack prevention instruction in the interim.

The True Cost of Insurance for Artisan Contractors

Business insurance varies in cost. Your company’s price depends on its dimensions, location, and limits.

However, you can find ways to save on insurance. The price of your insurance coverage will decrease if you pay a higher premium. As such, ensure you have the resources to cover your debt if it becomes due.

Always overestimate the amount of protection you need. Thoughtfully consider the worst-case situation while picking a reasonable number.


While insurance may seem like an extra cost, remember that this is a way to protect and secure the longevity of your successful business. Now that you know more about what artisan contractors need, you can protect not only yourself but everybody else as well.

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