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What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto policies can provide coverage for damage to your vehicle, property damage, medical bills, expenses for claims related to emergency care, legal fees and gap coverage on financed and leased vehicles.

Commercial Auto offers coverage on accidents that happen while you are driving for your business. This also provides coverage for your vehicle when you are transporting equipment that you use for work, whether it’s landscaping tools, cleaning supplies or other expensive work equipment to job sites. The items you carry inside your vehicle will not be covered, to get that coverage you should consider purchasing tools and equipment coverage This coverage also covers you if you tow a trailer carrying your work equipment.

Do you need Commercial Auto?

Contractors and construction professionals rely on their autos to get the job done. Whether you’ve got a personal vehicle that doubles as your work truck or an entire fleet of autos that your construction business owns, contractor commercial auto can protect your vehicles from the risks of the road. You may need to consider commercial auto coverage if:

  • Your business owns or leases any vehicles
  • There are any vehicles titled or registered to your business
  • You use your vehicle as your primary work vehicle
  • Any employees or non-listed drivers use your vehicle on a regular basis
  • Any of your vehicles have ladder racks, permanent toolboxes, or other equipment installed to support your business activities

Why is Commercial Auto Insurance Important for your Company?

In some states it can be required by law that you carry commercial auto insurance. The most common state requirements are liability insurance for injuries and property damage. In some states you could be required to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and medical payments coverage (personal injury protection).

Often times commercial auto can provide more coverage than your average auto insurance. It’s always better to have a little extra coverage than not having enough

The Right Commercial Auto Coverage at the Right Price

Let us find you the perfect solution to cover your work vehicles today, from the toolbox on your favorite truck to the very last auto in your company’s fleet.

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