In today’s economy, contractors are facing a variety of unique challenges and risks associated with the construction industry. Contractors must have the proper insurance coverage in place to secure their assets, equipment, and employees. 

Installation floater insurance can provide significant benefits to contractors and allow them to focus on the construction process without worrying about the potential of loss during installation.

The sections below offer a clear picture of what an installation floater can do for contractors.

What Is Installation Floater Insurance?

Installation floater insurance provides protection against the loss of materials and equipment used in the installation process of a project. It covers materials, labor, equipment, fixtures, and supplies that are used by contractors to install a project. 

It also provides coverage for any on-site accidents, theft, or damage that occur while installing the project. The purpose of this insurance is to shield the contractor from any possible losses that may occur during the installation procedure.

What Sets It Apart?

For certain contractors, installation floaters are the best option since they provide specialized protection at a price that can be lower than standard builder’s risk insurance.

Installation Floaters might be helpful to contractors or subcontractors with a limited scope of activity on a project because normal builder’s risk insurance does not always cover subcontractors.

Contractors that carry out tasks generally not covered by builder’s risk insurance may find installation floaters useful. Builder’s risk insurance frequently excludes the installation of high-value equipment or materials, such as HVAC units, solar panels, and electrical systems.

Benefits of Installation Floater Insurance

Installation floater insurance provides many benefits to contractors. It helps to ensure the efficiency and safety of the installation process and offers financial protection in the event of theft, damage, or any other unforeseen incidents. 

Here are some of the benefits of installation floater insurance for contractors:

1. Financial Security

Installation floater insurance offers financial security to contractors. It helps to protect them from any potential financial losses due to theft, damage, or any other unexpected events that may occur during the installation process. 

It also provides coverage for any labor and materials that must be replaced due to any of these events.

2. Peace of Mind

Installation floater insurance provides peace of mind to contractors. They are aware that they are financially secure in the event that something goes wrong with the installation. This allows them to focus on completing the project without having to worry about potential losses.

3. Liability Protection

Installation floater insurance also provides liability protection to contractors in case of any legal action taken due to incidents that occurred during the installation process. Contractors that have this kind of coverage are better shielded from potential legal responsibilities and are given financial security in the event of a lawsuit.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

Installation floater insurance provides comprehensive coverage for the installation process. It covers materials, labor, equipment, fixtures, and supplies used in the installation process. 

The purpose of this particular insurance is to offer protection against a variety of potential losses that might happen during the installation procedure.


Installation floater insurance is an essential type of insurance for contractors, as it helps protect them from a wide range of unexpected losses due to construction activities. With this type of insurance in place, contractors can focus on the construction process, knowing they are financially protected against potential losses. 

Additionally, installation floater insurance can help contractors secure the bonding and lending needed to secure jobs, giving them greater financial flexibility. In this way, installation floater insurance is an invaluable insurance policy for contractors of all levels of experience.

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