Pressure washing business insurance covers you from any financial losses if your pressure washing business causes damage to someone else’s property, if someone slips and gets injured on your property, or if someone’s data gets hacked. You can purchase this type of insurance directly from an insurance company, through an insurance marketplace, or with the help of a third-party broker.

This insurance lets you know that any financial losses that might arise from your pressure washing business will be covered.

If you are a full-time or part-time pressure washing business operator, having insurance coverage is a prudent decision. It shields you from having to bear the financial burden of potential claims and lawsuits that may arise.

You can get this type of policy according to these pointers:

Pointer #1: Note Business Risks

The potential for harm to property, people, and equipment is real for those in the pressure washing business. Being aware of these risks and taking steps to mitigate them is essential for any business owner.

Damage to property: Such as scuffing, scratching, or staining walls and surfaces when a pressure washer is used near them.

Liability for injury: If an employee or customer is injured or suffers a loss due to the actions of a pressure washing business, the business may be held liable.

Damage to equipment: Pressure washers can be expensive and are susceptible to damage if not used properly. If a business isn’t careful, it may end up with costly repairs or replacements.

Pointer #2: Evaluate Needed Coverage

Pressure-washing businesses can benefit from having certain types of insurance. Here are a few other common policies and what they typically provide coverage for.

General liability: If you run a home business, you can extend your homeowners insurance to cover any legal claims arising from third-party injuries or damage to property due to your business activities. Purchasing an additional liability endorsement can protect yourself and your business from potential legal claims.

Workers’ compensation: Employers must purchase workers’ compensation insurance to cover employees who get hurt at work. This insurance provides financial support for the affected employee and helps them to cover any medical expenses or lost wages due to the injury or illness.

Pointer #3: Compare Providers

Depending on the broker or provider, pressure washing business insurance will have different provisions. Look at the following details:

Coverage: Policy coverage refers to the services and items protected or covered by a particular policy. It is important to know what is and isn’t covered by a policy to understand the level of protection offered and what risks you may still be exposed to.

Limits: Limits of liability refer to the maximum amount an insurance company will cover during a loss. If a business is larger or has a higher risk of loss, it may need to purchase insurance with a higher limit of liability to ensure they are protected.

Cost: Find out the policy’s price, the deductible, and if the coverage and liability limits are the same for the policies you’re considering.

One Last Thing

When your business insurance policies are due to renew yearly, it’s important to look at the coverage, cost, customer service, and any new risks you may have. Doing this will help ensure that your business is always protected with the correct coverage.

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