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About Us

Experience that makes a difference, our story.

The founder and President, Pascal Burke, began his knowledge of construction in 1973 as an architect’s apprentice from age 15. After seven years of studying and working in architecture, though eligible for his architect licensure, he wanted to build. So, Pascal joined a large concrete company, building parking structures, and major sports stadiums. After a few years, he started his own construction company specializing in parking structures until 2005. While running his business, he purchased all manner of insurance policies and surety bonds to cover his assets. Shortly after that, he was hired by an insurance company as one of the board of directors for a new contractor general liability program. After gaining four years of experience, he opened his own insurance brokerage specializing in construction risks. 

So who do you want to purchase your insurance policy from? A sales jockey who could not spell insurance four months ago, or a broker who has lived every aspect of construction like yourself? 

As a former concrete contractor and general contractor, Pascal Burke has first-hand experience in the field and purchased every policy or surety bond a contractor requires. 

As construction insurance specialists, we believe you will find PBIB’s pricing is superior to non-specialists. We have access to various insurance companies to meet your coverage needs at the best possible price. 

We have bought and lived with the insurance that we sell. A true history behind our words! 

We believe there is no substitute for experience!

Ready to spend less with better coverage?

Save up to 40% OFF your Contractor Insurance Premium!